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Our Story

Welcome friends and family,

We are AK's One Sweet Slice LLC group

AK's One Sweet Slice was established in 2013. As a child growing up, I watched my great grandmother cook, bake, & inspire talent. The dream was created then, watching & learning trying to perfect her moves knowing one day she`d be as proud. She is now 91 years old, and our dream is here & now. 



AK's One Sweet Slice is a family run business; owned and operated by AK Smith and family. A symbol of warmth and welcome, a sense of boldness and refinement, a taste of freshness and enjoyment, an experience of never having enough… These are what make AK's One Sweet Slice one of a kind since day one.

All of our cupcakes and cakes are BAKED FRESH FROM SCRATCH. You'll find our cupcakes and cakes to be moist and full of flavor. We use the freshest, finest and tastiest ingredients  such as fresh fruits, pure cane sugar and sweet cream butter.